CNC and Machining

Precision in metalworking is the core of Eurobalt Engineering’s philosophy.

We process a variety of materials, including copper-based materials, such as bronze and brass; also stainless steel materials, aluminum based materials, and others according to requests of our clients. Our company is qualified, but being a manufacturer of turned parts it is not limited to machined parts, milled parts and components, Swiss turing, grinding, wire cutting, and deep hole drilling.

Each stage of our manufacturing process is based on the ISO 9001 quality control standard, every procedure is verified, monitored, and constantly being improved.

We hope that with the help of our company our clients will be able to reach their highest goals, because Eurobalt Engineering is the company with the highest expertise and qualifications in all aspects of manufacturing and supplying metal products. Our confidence is based on stability of business relations as well as on the aim of developing and improving together with our customers.

Technological capacities

Minimum possible weight of the part:   0,010 kg 
Maximum possible weight of the part:   100 kg
Minimum possible sizes of the part:    10 mm x 10 mm 
Maximum possible sizes of the part:    2000 mm x 500 mm
Minimum possible wall thickness:       Depending on the structure 
Maximum possible wall thickness:       No limitations
Tolerances achieved by CNC machines:   0,001 mm 
Tolerances achieved manually:          0,05 mm
Minimum batch quantity:                Depends on parts

List of CNC Equipment

Luoyang workshop
Vertical CNC Machining Center (4 axis)LEADWELL2
Vertical CNC Machining Center (4 axis)DEYUNG1
Vertical CNC Machining CenterFEELER1
Vertical CNC Machining CenterLEADWELL4
Taper Wire Cutting MachineFAYNIN2
Bench Drilling MachineHUANGSHAN1
Bench Drilling MachineHUANGSHAN1
Tapping MachineHUANGSHAN1
Tapping MachineHUANGSHAN1
Automatic Sawing MachineWEIREN2
CNC machining center31
Lathe machines12
Drilling machines2
Tapping machines2
Taper Wire Cutting Machine2
Automatic Sawing Machine2


Mumbai workshop
CNC Turning CentreTSUGAMI10
CNC Turning CentreBYSK5
CNC Turning CentreAc Micromatic4
CNC Turning CentreZ-MAT3
CNC Turning CentreAce Designers2
CNC Turning CentreLMW1
CNC Turning CentreAbhijat Equipments1
CNC ChuckerAce Micromatic2
CNC ChuckerZ-MAT2
CNC Sliding HeadBYSK2
CNC Sliding HeadTSUGAMI2
CNC Turn Mill CentreBYSK2
CNC Turn Mill CentreZ-MAT2
VMCBharat Fritz Werner1
Turning CNC machines26
CNC Chucker machines2
CNC Sliding Head machines2
CNC Turn Mill machines4
Vertical Machining Centers2


Application of produced parts

  • Parts of the fuel pumps and Diesel injection system parts
  • Elements of steering
  • Aluminum products for automotive industry
  • Spare parts Agricultural parts
  • Shafts

CNC and Machining services

The production of cnc turning parts is a quite difficult process that requires a lot of attention, excellent machinery and experienced specialists. Our customers set high requirements for the production of their metal parts. Today, various metal parts almost can’t be produced without applying this or that type of additional machining process.

Having acquired sufficient experience in the field, we do more than just finish metal parts manufactured by other methods of production. We have a large number of various metalworking machinery, which allows us to complete the whole cycle of metal work services in order to manufacture parts according to the drawings of our customers and launch mass production. Our metalworking machinery makes it possible to machine the majority of types of metals and their alloys at short notice and in large quantities. Now we can say with confidence that our engineers are experienced enough to handle orders of any complexity and manufacture parts in full compliance with your requirements.