модель оснастки

The tooling for die casting manufacturing is Very Important!

Before starting designing and manufacturing a tool we negotiate with our clients to make sure that all defects in a part are eliminated and considered. Only after doing that we proceed to manufacture a tool at our die casting factory.

Eurobalt Engineering manufactures its own tool for its die casting production, that is why we can predict changes in wear characteristics of a tool mould and make removable inserts in advance. While manufacturing a tool for die casted parts at Eurobalt Engineering, we can avoid a standstill during batch production of aluminum cast parts, as well as modify a tool quickly if any problems occur during the manufacturing process.

When you choose Eurobalt Engineering as your die casting supplier, you get:

  • A high-quality tool for manufacturing die casted parts even in large quantities.
  • The experience of our engineers for getting a high-quality mould the first time.
  • A carefully organized manufacturing line, water supply and cooling lines for producing your die cast parts.

Providing all this, Eurobalt Engineering aspires to become your reliable partner and the best die casting supplier for your company.