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Powdered metal components

Eurobalt offers a wide range of metal powders, allowing the creation of components from standard alloys to specialized materials.

Powder Metallurgy (PM) is a cost-effective, eco-friendly, efficient, and innovative technology. Metal powders are compressed into a mold and heated in a controlled environment to produce finished components with a specific geometry. Our sintered part manufacturing process allows us to produce diverse products and components for the powder metallurgy market in various industries, using a wide range of metal powders and alloy material blends.

As a manufacturer of powder metallurgy, we produce sintered metal parts in both simple and complex shapes. The production of powder metallurgy at Eurobalt is the optimal solution for acquiring dependable components made from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Minimum possible weight of the part:: 0,005 kg
Maximum possible weight of the part: 1 kg
Minimum possible sizes of the part: 10 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm
Maximum possible sizes of the part: 100 mm x 100 mm x 70 mm
Minimum possible wall thickness: 1 mm
Maximum possible wall thickness: 10 mm
Tolerances achieved by pressing and sintering: +/- 0,05 mm
Tolerances achieved by post-machining: 0,001 mm
Minimum possible batch: From 2500 parts
DIN Sint-C00; DIN Sint-E00;         FX-1000-25;       FX-2008-60HT;  
DIN Sint-C10; DIN Sint-E10;         FX-1005-100HT;    FX-1005-40;
DIN Sint-D10; DIN Sint-C01;         FX-2008-60;       FX-2008-90HT;
DIN Sint-D01; DIN Sint-E30;         FX-1008-110HT;    FX-1008-50;
DIN Sint-C30; DIN Sint-D35;         FX-2005-45;       FX-2000-25;
DIN Sint-C35; DIN Sint-D36;         FX-2005-90HT;
DIN Sint-C36; DIN Sint-D11;
DIN Sint-C11; DIN Sint-D30;
DIN Sint-C39; DIN Sint-D39;
DIN Sint-D00
Equipment Quantity
Hydraulic press 13
Automatic powder press 8
Mechanical presses 9
Mesh belt furnace 1
Pusher furnace 1
Steam boiler 1
Hacksawing machine 1
Grinding machine 4
Lathe 9
Radial drill 4
Coining equipment 2
Automatic lathe 4
CNC machine center 5
Wire-electrode cutting 3


Advantages of Custom-Made Powder Metallurgy products:

  1. Powder metallurgy products with intricate geometries.
  2. Our powder metallurgy products are known for their exceptional precision and smooth surface finish.
  3. Special Properties for Your Needs (Hardness and Wear Resistance)
  4. Our company has the ability to produce goods on a large scale efficiently.
  5. Control various material properties, including porosity, chemical composition, microstructure, and more.
  6. Processing high melting point materials.
  7. Lightweight metal products are a superior choice compared to other manufacturing processes due to their exceptional weight-to-strength ratio. Their lightweight properties provide increased mobility and ease of transportation, perfect for industries where mobility is necessary.
  8. Lower production costs resulted from reduced manufacturing yield losses, increased cost-effectiveness, and decreased energy consumption through the use of greener technology.

powder metallurgy green technology

Powder Metallurgy products manufacturing

РМ parts and components can be produced at different speeds and in different quantities, from hundreds to thousands of parts per hour. Some of the key elements and stages we consider important when powder metallurgy and sintering are used in manufacturing are:

  • Parts Resizing

    Our advanced sintering processes allow us to resize components with exceptional precision. Regardless of whether we are optimizing complex part dimensions or tailoring them to meet specific project requirements, you can count on the consistency and quality of our sintering technology. We are dedicated to delivering precise project alignment.

  • Powder Composition

    Our powder composition is meticulously engineered, combining carefully selected chemicals and minerals to achieve peak performance. Ideal for a broad spectrum of applications, such as automotive, aerospace, and construction, our powder guarantees exceptional adhesion, hardness, and durability. Select from a variety of colors and finishes for maximum flexibility in obtaining your desired results.

  • Production Rate

    To meet the growing demand, we are committed to improving our production efficiency. We’re working to optimize our processes, invest in cutting-edge equipment, and adopt innovative technologies to boost production without compromising quality. Our goal is to increase output, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

  • Tool wear

    Efficient machining is key, and tool wear management is crucial. Monitor tool wear regularly and replace tools as necessary. Utilize proper cutting speeds and feeds to extend tool life. Effective tool wear management ensures efficient and high-quality machining operations.

  • Sintering

    Our sintering technology fuses powdered materials below their melting points to form solid and sturdy components. This method is versatile and ideal for constructing complex shapes while elevating material properties. It is commonly used in ceramics, metal parts, and powdered metal product manufacturing due to its cost-effectiveness and reliability.

  • Heat Treatment

    Heat treatment is a precise process that improves component performance and lifespan across various industries. Using specialized equipment and skilled operators, we control heating and cooling to alter material properties like hardness and strength. It is an essential step in enhancing manufacturing material properties.

Eurobalt’s comprehensive quality control and precision measures for Powder Metallurgy products

Furthermore, we also oversee secondary operations, including calibration and machining of sintered parts.
Before, during, and after production of the components, we implement rigorous quality control systems that include:

  • Radial dimensions perpendicular to the press axis are controlled by tooling. Our modern presses are equipped with computer numerical control (CNC) systems that ensure excellent control over dimensional accuracy, pressing speed, and the mold. This allows us to maintain size constancy (repeatability) irrespective of volume or production rate.
  • Automatic powder composition correction within the press mold ensures consistent part weight and uniform pressing density. Furthermore, all parameters for the powder composition required to produce powder metallurgy parts are established before initiating batch production.

To ensure these benefits and opportunities, at Eurobalt, we produce our own molds and calibration tools, store them, and pre-plan the production of new tooling. We undertake all these tasks at our own cost.
As a result of our rigorous and regulated production system, we attain components with distinct powder compositions and finished parts with diverse properties, similar to those of components that have undergone heat treatments. As a result, there is no need to conduct secondary heat treatments for certain components.

Unlock the Power of Precision with Eurobalt’s Powder Metallurgy products

When you choose Eurobalt as your powder metal component manufacturer, you unlock a world of possibilities. Expect nothing less than:

  • Exceptional Quality: We deliver consistently high-quality parts, meeting your exact specifications.
  • On-Time Delivery: Count on us for punctual production and timely delivery to meet your project deadlines.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our satisfied customers, spanning diverse industries like automotive and hydraulics, speak for our excellence.

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