Sintered filters manufacturing

Our sintered filters manufacturing produces sintered filter elements with the powder of copper alloys that are sintered at high temperatures. Such sintered filters have a high degree of filtration, good air permeability and mechanical strength.

Our sintered filters are widely used in pneumatic components, chemical industry, and in the sphere of environmental protection.

Due to our technology of a high-temperature sintering of nanoparticles, filter elements can be made into any shape.

Besides sintered bronze powder filters, our company has technological capacities to produce titanium powder filters as well as sintered stainless steel for various applications and different filtration requirements.

Sintered stainless steel filter elements can take the form of a cylinder and different types of plates.

Sintered stainless steel filters, manufactured by our company, have wide application in medical, chemical, metallurgical industries and gas cleaning.


Eurobalt Engineering guarantees that sintered filters produced by our company have good wear resistance, high precision and flow resistance and that they are high-temperature and corrosion resistant.

For additional information about the production of filter elements that you need, it is enough to send us an inquiry with the drawings and all necessary requirements.