Sintering, Die Casting, Machining, Metal Parts

Our powder metallurgy manufacturing provides a wide range of advantages for our clients.

Machining of various materials in accordance with your requirements.

Our die casting manufacturing is tailor-made for your needs.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Manufacture of hydraulic cylinders to match customers’ requirements.

Hydraulic Cylinder components

Manufacturing of parts and pre-assembly sets for hydraulic cylinders.

Shock Absorber parts

Shock Absorber Parts

Production and supply of shock absorber components of any complexity according to drawings.

Die Casting and Powder Metallurgy manufacturing

The main technologies used for metal parts manufacturing in our company are Die casting and Powder metallurgy (PM).

Die Casting

As a die casting manufacturer, we produce a wide range of parts for different industries. One of our biggest accomplishments is the cooperation with large companies in the automotive industry and manufacturers of LED lighting for large industrial facilities and airports.

These types of cooperation have allowed us to continuously invest on improved and higher capacity production and quality control systems. With every new project we increase our expertise and knowledge on different manufactured parts for various industries. We are a reliable company and offer support for all of our customers as a die casting supplier.

Powder Metallurgy

As a powder metallurgy manufacturer, we work with manufacturers of energy equipment, home appliances, agricultural machinery and the automotive industry. We succeed in meeting the constantly increasing production demand of parts for our customers. We manufacture powder metallurgy parts in a completely closed and controlled production cycle; we make our own tooling, control powder mixture production and carry out secondary operations for parts. This closed production cycle results in high quality PM products according to the requirements of our customers.

CNC and machining

Our metalworking facilities have been mainly used to perform secondary operations to finish manufactured die casted parts and PM metal parts. Today, since the number of customers and amount of production have grown up and continued investments have increased, we also manufacture and supply machined parts for our customers.

Why Us?


All measuring equipment and tools are calibrated regularly in order to secure high accuracy in measurements.


An evidence of our work efficiency are the positive verifications, conducted by customers and independent certification companies.

Competitive price

We will find a way to provide a competitive price on the market.

Quality assurance

We involve independent expert organizations which control quality according to our customers’ wishes.

Manufacturing experience

We do planning and design or re-design (adjustments) in order to create the most economical product.


Our experience in manufacturing technologies enables us to provide comprehensive consultations on technical matters to our customers.