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Parts and pre-assembly sets for hydraulic cylinders

Eurobalt Engineering is producing pre-assembly sets for further manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, providing all metal parts for cylinders (including sub-assembly of bearings). Parts that we are producing are manufactured by forging, machining and welding.

Forged and machined components of hydraulic cylinders

Why Us?


All measuring equipment and tools are calibrated regularly in order to secure the high accuracy of measurements.


Positive verifications, conducted by customers and independent certificate companies, are another evidence of our work efficiency.


We will find a way to provide a competitive price on the market.


We involve independent expert organizations which control quality according to our customers’ wishes.


We do the planning and designing in order to create the most economical product.


Experience in manufacturing technologies enables us to provide comprehensive consultations on technical matters with customers.

Buy hydraulic cylinder component parts for their face value

Due to their wide scope of applications, hydraulic cylinders are among the most sought-after spare parts. However, it requires considerable expenses to purchase such parts for costly equipment and machinery. Sometimes it may be impossible to get the necessary parts that fit a specific model of equipment or the delivery from abroad takes a lot of time. In this case, the best solution is to purchase hydraulic cylinder components from the company Eurobalt Engineering.

Having modern material and technical facilities that include high-precision production lines and a range of special-purpose metalworking machines, our company offers services for the production of any types of customized hydraulic cylinder components. Applying the methods of forging, welding, sharpening and other machining techniques for half-finished products, Eurobalt Engineering offers the following types of hydraulic cylinder component parts:

  • Chrome plated machined barrels;
  • Chrome plated machined piston rods;
  • Threaded pistons;
  • Glands;
  • End caps and rod end with bearing already installed;

Understanding that it is unacceptable for any enterprise to have equipment standing idle, we manufacture hydraulic cylinder component parts under time constraints, previously agreed upon with the customer.

The products go into production when the part drawing is approved. Besides, our facilities allow us to manufacture large batches of parts in a short period of time even if they are customized.

Guarantees of Eurobalt Engineering

Carrying out the entire production cycle, our experts pay close attention to the quality control of products. We make regular inspections of tools and measuring equipment as well as perform preventive maintenance of production lines.

All hydraulic cylinder components, manufactured by Eurobalt Engineering, have certificates of quality and conformity ISO. Upon customer request, we can also engage independent experts that will make an objective conclusion about the quality of products.