Gear cutting

Gear cutting is a type of machining required to produce parts with protruding teeth, such as gears. These products are critical components in many industries and undergo rigorous quality control at our manufacturing facilities.

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Gears and Gearwheels custom made to order

Our specialists are also experienced in cutting gears and gears to custom sizes.

Machining, in particular gear cutting, is an integral part of manufacturing parts with protruding teeth, such as gears. Our craftsmen closely monitor every step of the process, strictly controlling the fulfillment of mandatory requirements of our production.

Gear (or gear wheel) is one of the most demanded products in production. It is necessary for the transmission of rotary motion and is present in the vast majority of mechanisms. Gear is a disk with a cylindrical or conical surface, on which teeth protrude at regular intervals.

Manufacturing a gear is a labor-intensive process that requires special skills and equipment. Gears are cut on hobbing machines. An alternative method of gear manufacturing is Sintering Powder Mettalurgy.

The material from which the gear is made is selected depending on the conditions in which the product will be used. The main criteria that must be met are:

  • High wear resistance
  • Good machinability

Our gear cutting services include:

Eurobalt gear cutting machines are highly productive, efficient, reliable and accurate. We are constantly updating our fleet of industrial equipment to ensure that our state-of-the-art machines have all the gear cutting techniques you need.

Gear cutting

Manufacturing of worm gears

Chiseling of spline grooves

Sharpening and rounding the teeth of spur wheels

Making gears of various types

Cutting of internal sprockets and gears

Coordinate measuring machine Mitutoyo

Advantages of our equipment

Our gear cutting machines offer high productivity, efficiency, reliability and precision. We are constantly innovating with versatile gear cutting methods.

Our manufacturing processes strictly comply with the high standards of the ISO 9001 quality management system Quality Control in Our Company. We comprehensively control and monitor every stage of production, constantly aiming to find opportunities for improvement.

Eurobalt prides itself on having a highly qualified staff with extensive experience in metalworking. Our specialists, for over 10 years, have been dedicated to the fabrication and supply of metal parts. Our main principle is to establish and strengthen long-term and trusting business relationships, in parallel with the continuous improvement of our production capabilities, technological expertise and production efficiency, in order to best meet the needs of our customers.

Types of gear cutting products

Our precision parts are used in a variety of industrial applications

  • Helical gears

    Helical gears are an improved version of spur gears and are used where high torque transmission at high speeds is required.

  • Pinions with round gear teeth

    Pinions with round teeth have a more complex manufacturing process but offer improved running characteristics.

  • Pitch gears

    Pitch modulus gears are mainly used in printing presses and food processing equipment.

  • Bevel gears

    Bevel gears are manufactured by copying (dividing) and turning. When ordering worm gears of this type, the required dimensions should be specified in the drawings.

  • Cylindrical toothed gears

    The most common type of gears. The contact line of the gear teeth is parallel to the axis of rotation, and the teeth are arranged in radii. It is very important that the axes of the wheels are parallel to each other.

  • Chevron wheels

    Chevron wheels help to solve the problem of axial force. The teeth interlock mutually and are V-shaped. The mutual compensation of both parts of such a gear is an added advantage. It is also a self-aligning gear in axial direction.

  • Worm gears

    A mechanical transmission accomplished by the engagement of a worm and its associated worm wheel or nut.

  • And other types of gears

Examples of our work

The process of cutting teeth on the gear blank, hobbing work on high-precision machines. We guarantee compliance with all requirements and have a large production capacity for the realization of our products.

CNC machining

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