CNC Machining

Exploring Precision: Eurobalt’s expertise in CNC Machining Technologies

Eurobalt specializes in CNC precision machining using a wide range of materials.

Our machining technologies allow us to meet clients’ specific requirements.

At the core of Eurobalt lies a commitment to metalworking precision. We specialize in handling a diverse range of materials, including:

  • Iron-based materials:
    • CK45
    • E355
    • 20MNV6
  • Aluminum-based materials:
    • AL6061
    • AL6082
    • AL5005
  • Stainless steels:
    • SS306
    • SS316
    • EN 1.4410
  • Special materials
    • 42CrMo4
    • 16CrMo4
    • 21CrMoV5
  • oter materials as per customer requirements

As a metalworking manufacturer, Eurobalt offers more than just turning and milling CNC technologies for producing parts and components. Our capabilities extend to encompass additional machining technologies, such as Swiss turning, grinding, wire cutting, and deep hole drilling, among others.

CNC Machining Manufacturing Process

Using our CNC machining equipment, we are able to achieve presice tolerances up to 0.001mm and we process turining, milling, drilling and other operations.

CNC and Quality Equipment

CNC TURNING -16 units

CNC MILLING – 6 units

Mitutoyo CMM

Quality Control of CNC machining parts

Strict quality control at every stage of manufacturing.

Our manufacturing process adheres rigorously to the ISO 9001 quality control standard. We verify and monitor each production and operational procedure at every stage, striving for improvement continuously.

We believe that providing manufacturing assistance for various purposes and applications enables our clients to meet their sales and production objectives successfully. Eurobalt has a highly proficient workforce with exceptional technological expertise dedicated to manufacturing and supplying metal products and components. Our primary objective is to establish and nurture long-lasting and trustworthy business partnerships while consistently improving our manufacturing capabilities, technological dexterity, and production proficiency in line with our clients’ requirements.

Applications of machined parts

Our precision-crafted parts find application in a range of industries, including:

  • Fuel pump parts and Diesel injection system parts;
  • Steering elements;
  • Aluminum components pruduced for the automotive industry;
  • Parts and spare parts for the Agricultural industry;
  • Shafts designed for a wide variety of applications;
  • Parts for other industries.

Advantages of CNC Machining by Eurobalt

Eurobalt is a one-stop solution company that offers qualified machining services and an individualized approach to customers.

Cooperation with Eurobalt will provide you with the following improvements for your production:

  • Cost price reduction

    Reduction of your production expenses, either by outsourcing production to us or by allowing us to choose the right manufacturing technology, material, and coating for your product.

  • One-stop solutions

    One supplier for complex product, since our company is a supplier of different parts produced by different technologies, such as aluminum die casting, sintering, and machining, we have advanced equipment and manufacturing technologies needed for your product.

  • From prototype to mass production

    Production of your parts according to your drawings (prototypes, samples or batch production).

  • Engineering services

    Improvement of your product design or its development from scratch.

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