We manufacture and supply powder metallurgy products using following technologies

Powder metallurgy is an innovator in modern technology and offers a number of benefits. The process allows products to be manufactured with high precision, offering unique performance and durability.

Its adaptability in manufacturing, ability to create complex designs and resistance to extreme temperatures make it indispensable in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries.

In addition, resource efficiency and waste reduction contribute to sustainable, green manufacturing.

powder metallurgy green technology

Powder Metallurgy Advantages

  • Strength and Precision

    To produce items with hight precision in shape and size, guaranteeing strength and resistance to wear and tear.

  • Design Flexibility

    Empowering the creation of complex geometric forms, surpassing the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods.

  • Optimal Material Utilization

    Minimizing waste through efficient material usage and recycling, aligning with sustainable practices for environmental conservation.

  • Diverse Material Selection

    Utilizing an extensive range of metallic powders, facilitating the creation of products with diverse and tailored properties.

  • Cost-Effective Efficiency

    Streamlining production through rapid manufacturing processes and the integration of multiple stages, ensuring economic viability without compromising quality.


We create the perfect blend of metal powders to form the perfect component that will meet all your required parameters and characteristics


Powder metallurgy for Industrial market


  • sintered pistons
  • sintered connecting rods
  • sintered bushings
  • sintered bearings


  • sintered parts for security equipment
  • sintered parts for kitchen appliances
  • sintered parts for waste disposals

Medical Equipment

  • Sintered planetary drives
  • Sintered parts for medical dispensing devices
  • Sintered parts for gearboxes in medical equipment
  • Sintered gears for medical equipment

Garden Equipment

  • sintered parts for small engine
  • sintered parts for transmission

Soft magnetic components manufacturing

Special soft magnetic parts are made using powder metallurgy. They are used to amplify or direct the magnetic field. With such products an electrical signal can be converted into motion or vice versa. Such parts are easily magnetized or demagnetized when the magnetic field appears or disappears.
Such parts have many advantages. They have less weight, better magnetic characteristics and reduced noise vibrations. Therefore, powder metallurgy is widely used in the production of various components of electric cars.

Powder metallurgy in EV Components

  • E-Motors
  • Batteries
  • Linear actuators
  • Cooling systems
  • Electric pumps
  • Gear boxes
  • Sensors
  • Pulse sensors
  • Contactors
  • Switches
  • Actuators

Powder Metallurgy for Automotive

Powder metallurgy in the automotive industry is used to produce unique metal components that are not possible or difficult to produce using traditional metal processing methods. The use of powder metallurgy is very widespread in the automotive industry. This is because this method of manufacturing parts is quite universal, flexible and economical.
By using this method of production, manufacturers are able to control product porosity, consistent product dimensions and control the tightest dimensional tolerances in the market.

Powder Metallurgy manufacturing for Automotive

For electric systems

  • Sintered solenoids
  • Sintered components for e-Motors
  • Sintered actuator housings

For Drivetrains

  • Sintered clutches
  • Sintered ring gears
  • Sintered differential gears
  • Sintered e-Drive gears

For body and chassis

  • Sintered parts for electric steering
  • Sintered parts for shock absorbers

For pump systems

  • Sintered parts for G-rotor pump
  • Sintered rotors for vacuum pumps
  • Sintered rotors for oil pumps