Eurobalt Grupp provides its customers with the best sintered parts production service. 

With the lowest costs and the highest product quality

We utilize alloyed and combined metal powders to produce sintered parts.

All our sintered parts conform to industry and generally accepted international standards.
If required to produce sintered parts with unique properties, our engineers develop customized powder blends. This ensures we meet all necessary parameters as per customer requirements.

A carefully selected metal powder blend is utilized for every sintered component to ensure the product meets requirements for density, hardness, tolerances, dimensions, strength, and wear resistance.
Our engineers’ responsible and meticulous approach to producing each customer’s components results in superior performance compared to our competitors’ sintered parts.

Unlocking Versatility in Sintered Parts: Our Standard Metal Powders.

At Eurobalt, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of standard metal powders for sintered part production. Our wide range of materials allows us to cater to a multitude of customer requirements and specifications. Whether you’re looking for strength, corrosion resistance, or unique properties, our selection has you covered:

  • Aluminum: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, ideal for various applications.
  • Iron: Known for its strength and durability, a cornerstone material for many sintered parts.
  • Low and High Alloy Steels: Offering a balance of strength, flexibility, and resistance.
  • Stainless Steels: Renowned for their corrosion resistance, perfect for demanding environments.
  • Special Alloys: Tailored solutions for specific performance needs.
  • Brass: A versatile material with excellent machinability.
  • Bronze: Well-regarded for its wear resistance and strength.

Choose Eurobalt for your sintered part needs and harness the potential of our diverse metal powder offerings.
Our materials are ready to bring your innovative ideas to life, meeting the highest standards of quality and performance.
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Precision Crafting Through Traditional Techniques: Our Sintered Part Production Process

The metal powder mixture is introduced into the manufactured mold and compressed by a press to create a “raw” part.

At Eurobalt, we utilize a time-tested approach to create sintered parts by combining expertly crafted molds with hydraulic presses. This conventional technique delivers outstanding outcomes by obtaining a density of up to 90% in a matter of seconds during the pressing phase.This effectiveness enables speedy production and the capacity to make large batches within demanding schedules.

However, it is important to note that different metal powders react uniquely to the pressing process, and the achieved pressing density can vary for each new green part. To ensure optimal uniformity, we use high-quality tooling and incorporate specific lubricants into the metal powder mixture.

One of the prominent benefits of our sintered metal parts is their precision. They meet all required dimensions and tolerances, eliminating the need for additional machining. Our team comprises skilled engineers who design manufacturing tooling, which we produce in-house.

This approach enables us to fine-tune and optimize the entire production process.Equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines and presses, Eurobalt has the capacity to quickly manufacture high-quality sintered metal parts, even in large volumes. We are steadfast in our commitment to delivering sintered parts that are not only reliable, but also of exceptional quality. From start to finish, Eurobalt oversees the entire production process to guarantee that each sintered component meets your expectations. Count on us for accuracy, dependability, and punctual delivery.

Ready to Transform Your Vision into Reality?

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Sintering parts

After forming, the parts get sintered.
Eurobalt is one of the leading producers of sintered parts in the European powder metallurgy market. Our high-temperature furnaces ensure constant temperature control during the sintering process.

We invest in equipment, energy-saving initiatives, and solutions to boost productivity and cut production costs. All parts are placed in a specialized furnace where the sintering atmosphere is carefully controlled, and the temperature can reach 1429℃.
During the sintering stage, the parts are heated to a temperature below the metal’s melting point, from which they are molded, and held at the set sintering temperature. During the sintering stage, the parts are heated to a temperature below the metal’s melting point, from which they are molded, and held at the set sintering temperature. The sintered parts are subsequently cooled.
Strong bonds are formed between the metal molecules during the sintering process.The sintering process delivers the complete properties of the final sintered component as a fully-formed metal product.If required, the sintered part is immediately available for further processing or other types of finishing operations.
Eurobalt enforces rigorous quality control throughout all production stages, ensuring our company is a reliable partner.

Additional operations for sintered parts

Generally, sintered parts require no additional machining and are ready to use. Eurobalt can perform additional finishing of the sintered part if required. This is usually required for more complex parts or when higher dimensional accuracy is needed. We can perform additional operations to increase the strength of the sintered part, to improve the corrosion resistance, to improve the performance of any part we produce.
Eurobalt can provide a full range of additional processing of sintered parts, which includes:

  • hardening, annealing and coining
  • surface treatment (grinding, coating, polishing)
  • mechanical processing (drilling, turning, milling, etc.).
  • heat treatment
  • dimensional calibration

These and many other methods of secondary processing of sintered parts, allow us to provide a complete production cycle, which is an important advantage in the market.

Together let‘s keep our planet green, let’s save our nature

The powder metallurgy process is a very economical use of natural resources due to its low emission level among the entire metallurgical industry. The recycling of raw materials for the production of metal powders saves our planet’s resources. Completely zero-waste production leaves our planet clean and blooming.

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