Eurobalt Grupp provides its customers with the best sintered parts production service.  With the lowest costs and the highest product quality

We use alloyed and combined metal powders in the production of sintered parts.

All of our sintered parts are manufactured using materials that are fully compliant with all industry and generally accepted international standards.
If there is a need to produce sintered parts with special properties, our engineers develop special powder blends. This makes it possible to achieve all the parameters that our customers require.

A specially selected blend of metal powder is used for each individual sintered part. In this way the resulting piece meets all requirements for density, hardness, tolerances and dimensions, as well as for strength and wear resistance.
The responsible and careful approach of our engineers in working with each part of our customers, the sintered parts we produce are often higher in performance than those produced by our competitors.

Standard metal powders

For the production of sintered parts, we offer a wide range of materials. This makes it possible to meet the most different needs of our customers.

  • Aluminum
  • Iron
  • Low and high alloy steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Special alloys
  • Brass
  • Bronze

The prepared metal powder mixture enters the manufactured tooling (mold). Using a press, the metal powder is pressed and a “raw” part is produced.

The compacting of metal powders using tooling (specially made molds) is a traditional technique for making sintered parts. Special hydraulic presses are used for this type of compacting. The pressure force of these presses allows 90% density to be achieved, with a pressing time of only a few seconds. This results in a high production speed of sintered parts and makes it possible to produce very large batches of sintered parts in a short period of time.
Different types of metal powders react differently to pressing and the pressing density can be different for a newly pressed part (green part). Therefore high homogeneity can be achieved by using high quality tooling and adding special lubricants to the metal powder.

The produced metal part meets all dimensions and tolerances without requiring any machining.  The tooling for manufacturing the part is designed by our engineers and manufactured in our production facility. This allows us to optimize the production process.

Modern CNC machines and CNC presses enable us to produce sintered metal parts quickly and with high quality. Even very large quantities are no problem for us. Eurobalt guarantees the quality and reliability of sintered parts. We provide a full production cycle and timely delivery of sintered parts.

Sintering parts

Eurobalt is one of the leaders in the production of sintered parts in the European powder metallurgy market.
Our high-temperature furnaces provide constant temperature control during the sintering of parts. We actively invest in equipment, energy saving programs, solutions to increase productivity and reduce production costs.

After the forming stage, the part must go through the sintering stage. All parts are put into a special furnace where the sintering atmosphere is fully controlled and the temperature can reach 1429℃.
During the sintering stage, the parts are heated to a temperature below the melting point of the metal from which they are molded. The parts are then held at the set sintering temperature. This is followed by the cooling process of the sintered part.
During the sintering process, strong bonds are formed between the metal molecules. The sintering process provides the full properties of the finished sintered part as a complete metal product. The sintered part is completely ready for further processing or other finishing operations, if necessary.
Eurobalt provides constant quality control at all stages of production, which guarantees the reliability of our company as a partner.

Additional operations for sintered parts

Generally, sintered parts require no additional machining and are ready to use. Eurobalt can perform additional finishing of the sintered part if required. This is usually required for more complex parts or when higher dimensional accuracy is needed. We can perform additional operations to increase the strength of the sintered part, to improve the corrosion resistance, to improve the performance of any part we produce.
Eurobalt can provide a full range of additional processing of sintered parts, which includes:

  • hardening, annealing and coining
  • surface treatment (grinding, coating, polishing)
  • mechanical processing (drilling, turning, milling, etc.).
  • heat treatment
  • dimensional calibration

These and many other methods of secondary processing of sintered parts, allow us to provide a complete production cycle, which is an important advantage in the market.

Together let‘s keep our planet green, let’s save our nature

The powder metallurgy process is a very economical use of natural resources due to its low emission level among the entire metallurgical industry. The recycling of raw materials for the production of metal powders saves our planet’s resources. Completely zero-waste production leaves our planet clean and blooming.

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