Tooling for Powder metallurgy

In Powder Metallurgy sintered parts are produced by pressing metal powder. In order to manufacture and provide a timely delivery of high-quality sintered parts at a reasonable price, a high-quality mould is needed.

At its powder metallurgy factory Eurobalt Engineering produces its own moulds for all sintered metal parts (sintered gears, sintered bushings, sintered bronze bushings, sintered rotors, sintered pistons or other sintered structural parts). Eurobalt Engineering PM factory is equipped with all necessary high-precision tools for this.

Own moulds

Correct and high-quality production of sintered parts starts from the fine-tuning of moulds. This is very important because it determines the time when new parts for our customers will be launched into batch production. Only a precise and high-quality tool can provide a smooth batch production and long-term durability of a mould. That is why Eurobalt pays special attention to manufacturing moulds at its powder metallurgy factory.

In order to maintain and repair the moulds, Eurobalt keeps record of all of them and stores their spare components. This all enables us to ensure a completely smooth production process, even in the case of a tool breakdown.