The sintered moulded parts, manufactured by Eurobalt Engineering, have high productivity, heat and wear resistance, high-precision dimensions, and a number of other advantages.

Sintered moulded parts

for the automotive industry

  • Engine parts

Modern requirements for automotive engines get stricter. This is due to the improvement of fuel efficiency to make them more cost-effective and reduce air pollution. And for this reason all our sintered moulded parts go through a strict quality control and are manufactured according to the requirements of our customers.

  • Suspension parts

For shock absorber manufacturers Eurobalt Engineering produces sintered moulded parts, such as pistons, valve bodies, and rod guides. Those are very important components in the production of shock absorbers, so it is essential that the sintered parts are extremely precise and produced in large amounts monthly. That’s why shock absorbers that have our sintered moulded parts provide a long-term performance, stability and reliability in daily use.

  • Transmission parts

For transmission parts we manufacture main powder metallurgy products, such as synchronizer rings, levers, and shift gears. While producing these parts, we use the finest quality materials to get high strength applying high-temperature sintering.

Among powder metallurgy products of Eurobalt Engineering there are also other parts for the automotive industry, such as ABS sensor parts, rotors for power steering pumps, cam rings, side plates, etc.