Telescopic five-stage cylinder HC000907

413 mm

Length of the cylinder retracted:

1 613 mm

Length of the cylinder extended:

1200 mm

Length of the cylinder piston stroke:

31,20 kg


16 MPa

Working pressure:

20 MPa

Test pressure:

128 mm

External width of the cylinder:

G1/2" male thread

Hydraulic connector:

5,7 L

Required volume of oil:

0,5 MPa

Start pressure:

0,5 m/s

Piston extension/retraction speed:

-40 to +60

Permissible ambient temperature:

-15 to +80

Permissible oil temperature:

threaded, screwed into the tube

Type of gland:

20 µm

Piston rod chrome-plated:

mineral oil based hydraulic fluid

Type of fluid: