Manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders

Industrial group Eurobalt manufactures hydraulic cylinders according to the requirements of our customers (samples and small batches of special cylinders included), as well as a wide range of hydraulic cylinders with standard dimensions. The line of products that we offer includes single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders of different lengths, diameters, and applications, telescopic hydraulic cylinders, large-scale hydraulic cylinders, high-pressure cylinders, as well as any other cylinders produced according to the requirements of our customer.

Telescopic hydraulic cylinder




Technical possibilities

Materials used:Steel 20, Steel 45, Steel St52, or any other material required by the customer.
Precision quality:H8 for tubes, f7 for piston rods.
Surface treatment:chrome plating, chrome + nickel plating, up to 80 microns.
Maximum length of the cylinder produced:32 meters.
Special requirements:pressure up to 42 Bar, solid forged piston rods, other requirements from customers.
Sealings used:Hallite, Trelleborg, etc.

Applications of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders, manufactured by our group, are applied in various industries:

  • Hydraulic cylinders for agricultural equipment with solid forged piston rods

  • Telescopic cylinders for trailers

  • Large scale cylinders for marine and offshore applications, mining equipment

  • Construction equipment

  • High-pressure cylinders for pressing machines

  • Other applications according to the requirements of customers

Advantages of working with our company

  • Possibility to manufacture hydraulic cylinder of any complexity level at an affordable price.

  • Products delivered correspond to the highest quality standards.

  • Delivery is always in time.

  • Individual approach to every customer – our customers are our highest value.

  • Immediate reaction to any inquiry or requirement from customers.