Quality control management system

  • Constant monitoring in the production process.

  • Involvement of independent certified auditors.

  • High accuracy of measurements.

Our company is growing and developing. The increasing number of customers and production quantity means that more quality control specialists are required. We have set ourselves a goal to reach 0% of defects in production and have already made the first step towards achieving it. We have increased the amount of investments to purchase modern equipment and provide learning and development opportunities to engineers for our Quality control management system. When controlling product quality, we ensure absolute compliance with all ISO 9001 standards.

Quality control from the first sample to production batch

We certainly have quality control laboratories at all our production facilities. A wide range of equipment includes different tools not only for product quality control, but also for the quality control of all raw materials and materials that we use to manufacture products.

A specific technological process management plan is designed for each part that we produce, which guarantees quality control at all production stages for every part. In order to ensure nonstop production, quality control also should be performed without interruptions.

That is why quality control engineers design the plan and include the most detailed control characteristics (performance monitoring points, the number of monitoring points, what equipment to use, the number of manual measuring instruments, dimensions and tolerances monitoring points).

It allows to control the production process at each specific manufacturing stage and produce parts nonstop. The reliability of measuring tools, for its part, ensures constant measurements and calibration operations in special metrology laboratories.

We are on the way to achieving our goal, and it is only the beginning. Tell us about your next project. Let us discuss how we can help make your business better.

Our Basic Principles


The large number of suppliers in a logistics chain complicates the realization of a project according to schedule. The delays in the supply of materials, products or equipment prevent from completing the project on time and within the budget. Working with us, our customers avoid all the above-mentioned problems. Thanks to well-adjusted control processes of work efficiency, we provide you with all necessary information about your project so that you can see to the process of its realization.

quality system


Positive verifications, conducted by customers and independent certificate companies, are another evidence of our work efficiency.

We can firmly state that due to internal auditing, which estimates internal processes for their stable optimization, we are highly qualified and experienced in our business. Permanent development and periodic revision of quality management system is the right solution to market changes and constantly rising requirements of clients.


We strive for a long-term cooperation with our clients and therefore pay particular attention to every production phase.

Every product is manufactured, verified and supplied to a customer in strict compliance with indicated requirements in drafts.

All measuring equipment and tools are calibrated regularly in order to secure the high accuracy of measurements.

System of control managment

  • Drawings confirmation

    Eurobalt’s Technical team checks the drawings and confirms dimensions / tolerances availability, material, process, other issues related to the production of components.

  • Mold Control

    For the production of components that require complicated tooling we model the production process to detect what needs additional attention.

  • Raw material control

    If required, samples of raw material that will be used for production can be sent to the laboratory for chemical composition analysis and mechanical properties tests.

  • Production control

    At each stage of manufacturing we carefully control production to ensure the quality of the final product, supplied by Eurobalt Engineering.