Sintered parts for shock absorbers manufacturing

  • Pistons

The piston is the most important component for shock absorbers, so periodic modifications in sintered pistons, even within acceptable sizes, can cause significant changes in the characteristics of shock absorbers, production line changeover and so on. This can cause inconvenience to a customer. That’s why, while producing sintered pistons, we work closely with our clients and carry out functional testing of pistons at our powder metallurgy manufacturing facilities.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce all kinds of sintered pistons as well as perform finishing operations. Upon request of our customers, we can also engage independent expert organizations that check finished products.

  • Sintered Base Valves / Cylinder Ends

The base valve (cylinder end) is an important component that controls a liquid flow between inner and outer cylinders in double-tube shock absorbers. It plays a vital role when the running characteristics of a shock absorber are being set.

  • Rod Guides

Sintered rod guides have complex geometry. New designs of shock absorbers require sintered parts to have more complex shapes and maintain high density while pressing. In such cases, it is not always possible to get a completely finished product by pressing and we can apply a machining process additionally.

All of these sintered parts are the key elements of shock absorbers manufacturing, they determine characteristics of shock absorbers, their lifespan and operational stability. That’s why, in order to meet the requirements of this industry, our powder metallurgy production ensures high precision and stability of sizes and characteristics of sintered parts from batch to batch.