Aluminium die casting parts

Intricate and lightweight

Are you looking for aluminium die casting manufacturing and experienced experts in die casting? Does your new product need to have good mechanical and chemical properties? Does it have to be lightweight and strong? Should it have high conductivity and corrosion resistance? Then you’ve found the right company!

Aluminium die casting manufacturing for high-end products!

Our automated aluminium die casting manufacturing is based on up-to-date technologies. You can be sure in product quality when using services of our company. We can meet all the requirements of our customers – from small batches to large-scale production. You can fulfil all your requirements using our die casting machines.

Surface finishing for aluminium die casted components

We offer any surface finishing technologies for your parts, from painting and powder coating to plating. There are plenty of colours that you can choose for powder coating. Other kinds of surface finishing are available as well: you can use shot blasting to get a matte surface or grinding and polishing to create a mirror finish.