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CNC machining services


Do you know that CNC Machines were designed in the 1940s-50s and that perforated tape served as the data source for them? Nowadays, digital data sources are already used. CNC machines have undergone many changes and do not look like they used to. Now we can make a masterpiece out of any piece of metal with the help of our CNC machining services. Our engineers can study your drawing of a finished part or prototype and write a programme for the machine quickly. So you will get first samples and be able to test them as soon as possible.

Before, different machines for metal machining had to be used in order to manufacture a complex part. Modern metal tools comprise many types of different tools and can operate in multiple axes, locating a blank on its own. All these advantages make it possible to manufacture a part almost completely without worker intervention.

So, there is no human factor in the manufacturing process of metal parts, which almost entirely eliminates mistakes when your products are being manufactured. Our production facilities stand out for an impressive number of modern equipment that allows us to manufacture large quantities of metal parts in the shortest period of time and at the most optimal market prices.

If you use our CNC machining services, you will definitely get:

  • high quality of metal parts made of high-quality raw materials;
  • prompt response to your enquiry and quick production of samples;
  • finished production batch earlier than an average production time on the market;
  • high-precision parts production, even for complex geometry parts;
  • quick delivery;
  • you can even use our warehouse to deliver a small batch when and wherever needed.

Download our brief catalogue of equipment [pdf, 1.6 MB] ; and its characteristics to find out more.