Zinc Die Casting manufacturing by Eurobalt Engineering

When a new part or component of any machinery is designed using the die casting process, a lot of engineers of our clients do not pay attention to zinc as they focus on the weight of the material to be used. Produced parts are required to be as light as possible, especially for automobile or small portable devices. In this case choosing aluminium or magnesium alloys is logical, while a zinc alloy can be more economical. If we take a look at the whole process of zinc die casting, we will find out that there are more advantages than disadvantages in using zinc.

Concerning the physical properties of zinc, zinc is the most liquid and flowable alloy, which means that it can be used for manufacturing the most complex and thin-walled zinc die casting parts. So we can produce the most precise zinc die casting parts avoiding applying a following mechanical treatment that is almost always necessary for aluminium and magnesium die casted parts, which automatically increases their production cost.

The main costs of zinc die casting technology is the production of a mould. Since the melting point of zinc is lower than aluminium and magnesium, the service life of a mould for manufacturing zinc die casting parts can be 10 times longer. In order to manufacture zinc die casted parts the process of hot chamber die casting is used, whereas cold chamber die casting is used for aluminium die casted parts.

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